Video transcript

Design inspires me. And also whenever I can, I go out to exhibitions and I see new work and that inspires me.

It’s the constant looking around for ideas.

My name is Zoe Angle from Angle Glass.

The great thing about my business is the work varies so much depending on who comes through the door. So it could be a new panel for someone’s home. It could be a church getting in touch that wants me to restore a damaged panel. It could be a painted commission. I love them all and the fact that it changes each time.

I love contemporary art, but I was trained very traditionally, so my style is ‘Many and varied’, I think is the best way to describe it.

It’s exciting when a project develops because you start off talking to the client and try to hone down exactly what it is they require. And then, from that, we get the glass out. When the light comes through the glass, that’s the exciting moment and then you get an idea of what the final piece might actually look like, and you know you’re on your way to getting a panel made.

And the best part of it for me is once you’ve completed the panel and you’ve put it in place and their reaction – that’s the best bit for me.

I was lucky enough to do a glass-painting apprenticeship, which adds an extra element to my stained glass. Not only does it mean that I can use my drawing skills, which I use in every project that I do, but you can get thoroughly involved in the process. You work back to front: you cover the whole glass with paint, and then you take it off, allowing the light to come through, which is a very particular way of working.

I work with a team of skilled craftsmen, so we can take on any size job that you need. If you’re a homeowner or an architect or an interior designer or property developer and you’d like to talk about stained glass with me, please get in touch.

Zoe Angle from Angle Glass