Glass painting

Angle Glass specialises in the traditional technique of glass painting.

Glass paint allows line, tone and texture to be added to the glass. This means that images, decorative details and patterns can be included in your stained glass.

The glass paint is fired onto the surface of the glass making it permanent.

The technique is also used in the restoration of old glass, where replacements can be made for broken or missing pieces of painted glass.

In addition to our own work, Angle Glass is often asked to paint for other studios. In one case, we were asked, along with Tim Cunliffe, to work on Benjamin Finn’s, St Francis Window, for The Church of St John the Baptist, Epping. This window received a Highly Commended Design Award from the Diocese of Chelmsford in 2022.

Photo by Chris Parkinson

Photo by Andrew Meredith

Lines traced on to the glass and then paint added to give tone and texture

St Andrew panel