Stained glass is made from individual pieces of glass cut to size and joined together using a network of lead. Cement is pushed in between the glass and the lead, making the stained glass weatherproof. The glass used can be clear or coloured and comes in a variety of textures.

Traditional glass paint allows line, tone and texture to be added to the glass. This means that images, decorative details and patterns can be included in your stained glass.

The glass paint is fired onto the surface of the glass, making it permanent.

The technique is also used in the restoration of old glass, where replacements can be made for broken or missing pieces of painted glass.

As every stained glass panel is bespoke, I estimate the cost based on the complexity of the design, whether there are any painted pieces of glass needed, and the type of glass chosen.

It depends on the size of the project and the workload of the studio. For example, if two new stained glass front door panels are needed, I would expect the lead time to be six weeks from when the design is approved, glass chosen, deposit paid and measurements taken.

For repairs: if the stained glass needs to be removed, we will try to arrange as quick a turnaround as possible. This could be between two and three weeks.

Absolutely. After we discuss your requirements and ideas, I can design stained glass to your specifications. Over the last 30 years I have made stained glass in many different styles and using a variety of techniques. The skills and experience I have gained will help me to make a piece, which is personal to you.

Yes, I can come and look at your existing stained glass, take rubbings, and check the glass colour and texture against glass samples. Then I will draw up a design for the new panel. Please note that it isn’t always possible to match the glass exactly as the colour and texture of manufactured glass has changed over time. However, I aim to use glass which is the closest match available.

Yes, I can have a look at original stained glass in your street or choose a design that is in keeping with the age of your house. I can use types of modern glass, which are similar to Victorian, Edwardian or 1930s glass.

Yes. I can provide a free assessment of the damage and suggest the level of repair needed. I can then send you an estimate of cost. I will do this from reference photos when possible. However, it is sometimes necessary to come and view the stained glass so that I can assess the extent of the damage e.g. the strength of the panel, the condition of the lead etc.

Yes, if there only a few pieces of cracked glass and the stained glass panel is strong, with no sign of bowing, then repairs can be carried out in situ. This allows repairs to be carried out without the expense of the panel being removed. The cracked pieces of glass are broken and removed from the panel. Replacement pieces of glass are cut slightly smaller than the original pieces. Then the lead is bent gently back. The new pieces are fitted, and the leads smoothed back in place. The pieces are then cemented. 

Yes, though it will need a more extensive restoration called a relead. For this, the stained glass panel needs to be removed and a temporary board put in its place. The panel is then taken apart and the old lead removed. Any cracked or missing pieces of glass are replaced using new glass. Then all the pieces of glass are put together using new lead. This allows the stained glass to have the strength of a new panel while retaining as much of the original glass as possible.

Yes, we can come, take measurements, and fit new stained glass. Fitting also includes any secondary glazing or support bars which may be necessary.

All care will be taken when fitting your panels, however a small amount of chipping to paintwork can occur. Please note that painting isn’t included in our service.

If security is a concern, options for secondary glazing can be discussed. You may want a 4mm piece of toughened glass to be fitted facing the street with the stained glass panel fitted butting up to it. This can provide protection for the stained glass and discourage anyone thinking of breaking in. However, reflections on the toughened glass need to be considered when deciding on this option.

No, I don’t stock stained glass. Everything is made bespoke to commission.

No, Angle Glass is not a glass supplier. We make stained glass windows to commission.

Unfortunately, the size of the studio means there’s no space for storing old stained glass. We would encourage you to contact a reclamation yard as we would hate to think of old stained glass just being thrown away.